Letter: 'The joy of living in Rochelle’


Dear Editor,

On a Sunday afternoon, our doorbell rang. Upon opening the door, I saw two small girls standing there with bright smiles on their cute faces.

When I asked them what they wanted and if they are selling something, they said, “No. We just want to wish you a good day. We know people nowadays are lonesome and don’t have a chance to meet people. So we both thought we will brighten up your day by cheering you up.”

I found out that they are third graders in Tilton School. I thought that it was a great idea for two third graders to think of and they should be congratulated.

When I mentioned it to my friend, Michelle, she said she had a similar experience. Two girl scouts rang her doorbell and gave her some cookies. When she offered to pay for them, they refused to take any money.

They told her that she is doing a great job serving our community and they just want to show their appreciation. She then passed the cookies on to the garbage collecting crew. What a great community we live in.

The next thing I want to mention is probably more suited for Terry Dickow’s column as he mentions all the facilities in our community we benefit from. When we came back from California in May, I needed to dry clean some clothes.

To my dismay, I found out that the Greenacre Dry Cleaners had closed. Then my friend, Fred, told me that the people at the Caron Road Laundromat have a service. I found out that they do take care of dry cleaning.

You can drop them off or they will even pick them up and drop them off from your residence for free. I have used that service now a few times and am so happy that they are doing this.

Maria, Heather and Susanna are very pleasant and professional. They call you and remind you when the clothes are ready. I really appreciate them offering this much needed service for our city.

These and the new REC center facility  are making my life much better. What a blessing to live in Rochelle.

John Prabhakar, Rochelle