Out of this world


I may be in my 70s, but I still have a spirit of adventure.

So, I would like to go to the International Space Station.

Three citizens, common people like you and me, are going next January. They are not scientists or trained astronauts, but will undergo training for life in the space station. There is no reason why I can’t go — except for my fear of heights and roller coasters, I suppose.
OK, the $55 million per person ticket might slow me down a bit as well. I am only about $54,999,998 million short at this time. But if 50 of you who read this column each send me $1 million, maybe I could go. Or use it for other things to benefit our world.


I try to be positive, although the wifey says I am a pessimist. But wandering the downtown area this week I noticed the parking spaces on Fifth Avenue just west of Lincoln Highway and Holy cow! There must be a 40 degree angle from the sidewalk down to the curb. If you were a passenger in a car parked there, you might find yourself sliding downhill, yelling choice words that require children’s ears to be covered.

Being positive, snowboarders may find the slope a great spot.


I also wandered into Acres Bistro this week for a little snack. It’s a very nice looking dining spot. Being aware of my weight, I had a creme brûlée and coffee…and both were excellent. Yes, it is more expensive than fast food, but good food usually is.  

I also noticed the newly opened Midwest Clothing Store just across Page Park. It is within the remodeled Remedy Boutique and looks like it features a lot of nice clothing for women. Some of my former students are owners. While I can’t shop there I wish them a whole lot of luck and success.

I have said it before…there is a good vibe going on within the downtown area.  


The Ogle County Health Department is moving into phase 1B of vaccinating for COVID. According to the OCHD this includes essential front line workers and those over age 65.

The department estimates approximately 22,000 who qualify in Ogle County. That’s a lot of shots. They ask that people be patient.

At the same time, I know people are concerned that their registration went through. In a more perfect world, those who signed up would receive an acknowledgment but with over 400,000 dead nationwide, and a new vaccine, we all just have to have a little faith. And patience.

Terry Dickow can be contacted at terrydickow@gmail.com.