The long slog towards spring

Terry Dickow
Posted 1/7/22

I hope you had a happy holiday. Now we are in for the long slog toward spring.

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The long slog towards spring


I hope you had a happy holiday. Now we are in for the long slog toward spring.

The south and southeast seem to be getting the snow we usually have to deal with. I can’t imagine being stranded on an interstate for over 20 hours as some folks in Virginia were following a heavy snowstorm.

And a friend who recently moved to Tennessee seemed surprised that local hardware stores did not stock snow shovels or snow brushes for your car.

I have most of my Christmas decorations packed up and stored, but my outside lights are still on.  I am debating leaving them on for a while. Winter can be dreary and I think the lights add a festive glow to the night. At least when the temperatures are hovering near zero, that will be my excuse.

I thought more people had lights on outside this year than in previous years. Maybe that was my imagination, but there seemed to be more houses with lights or inflatables. Thanks to all who did decorate because it does add to the Christmas spirit.

Chicago and COVID-19

If you plan to go to a restaurant or bar in Chicago, you better bring a vaccination record. Bars, restaurants and museums will be asking for proof of vaccination in order to enter. Some people are going to yelp about that, but people do have a choice: get the shot or don’t go out to eat. 


I see the city is hoping to develop some “worker housing.”

That is a slippery slope. 

Sometimes I ride the train from Elburn into Chicago and as I pass through West Chicago, I see row upon row of “affordable” housing. Each four-unit buildings are a few feet from the next one. Kids have no place to play, there is no yard space, the density is high. It looks like a terrible place in which to raise a family.

What would be nice is a development planned to include rentals, moderately priced housing, housing specifically designed for folks with handicap accessibility needs and accessible green space.

And since we are talking families, be aware of where the schools are and how kids will get to school.

And please, when Hickory Grove does come down, try to find a developer to build a banquet center. Attached to the hotel, it would be good for them and good for people in town who want to get married and have a big reception.

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