This year not showing much improvement

Terry Dickow
Posted 2/19/21

What a crazy year it has been. I thought 2021 would be better but there is not much improvement yet.

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This year not showing much improvement


What a crazy year it has been. I thought 2021 would be better but there is not much improvement yet.

Texas is suffering with freezing temperatures and snow. Problems with their power grid led to major blackouts across the state.

We will be feeling that effect at the gas pumps, as refineries are shut down due to the weather. Fewer refineries means less gasoline being produced, which means prices will rise. I wonder how much of a price difference that will make at the pump.


I was shocked when former Illinois Speaker of the House Mike Madigan announced he was resigning his seat at the end of this month. He is the most powerful politician in Illinois, despite losing the speakership.

It was as surprise announcement from the 80-year-old Madigan. My guess is he either got fed up with the job, has a health issue, or indictments are coming. I know which one I am betting on.


Holy cow, there is a lot of snow out there…and maybe more on the way.

Some parking lot exits and rural intersections have huge piles, so, drivers, be careful at corners.
We all know the end of snow season begins the second dreaded season in Illinois — pothole season. I propose we have a state holiday every April 1 to commemorate those tires and alignments lost in a pothole. The third most dreaded season then follows — construction season — if the state has any money, that is.  

One year ago I had no idea what a Zoom meeting was. Students had no experience with remote learning, nor did teachers or parents. Shopping for groceries online was not common.  

We have come a long way in a year. People have been remarkable in what they have accomplished. Teachers have been giving lessons online and still teaching some students in school settings. Parents are learning they have to monitor their kids’ remote learning, and that that is hard. Government agencies are trying to still provide services yet prevent the spread of a deadly disease that has claimed over 400,000 lives in the U.S.

Small businesses are struggling, especially restaurants. People are healing, and grieving, and in some cases finding it hard to make ends meet.

But there is good news too. Seven months ago, Perseverance was launched. On Thursday it landed on Mars. What an amazing accomplishment!

Don’t give up hope. Persevere.  

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