We love books and reading


Valentine’s Day is fast approaching.  At the library, we love books and reading.  So many people in our community share our love of reading.  We see patrons come in everyday with book lists and stacks of books that they are just waiting to check out so they can start to read and go on their next adventure.  It is fun to pick a book by a new author that you have never read before and decide to try it.  Something out of the ordinary, something new, a surprise waits on every page.  Come to the library and see what books interest you. 

For the month of February, we will be implementing our “Blind Date With A Book Program.”  To participate in this program, you can come into the library and pick out a book that has been wrapped.  Each book has a number and a genre sticker on it.  You choose a “Blind Book Date” that you think might appeal to you and check it out with your library card.  Once you read the book, please rate it on the rating card and turn the card back in.  We will put you in a drawing to win a fun Valentine surprise.  You can choose to go on another date if you would like.  Maybe you have dated your book previously.  Whatever the case may be, we want our community to have fun!  If you need to get a library card, you will new two forms of identification.  One with a picture and one with your name and current address. This program will be available the entire month of February.   

While you are here exploring the library, make sure you check out our cool display cases with book hearts made by our own Ms. Anne.  Also, look at our new Seed Library and check out some seeds to begin growing inside.  Gardening season and warm weather will be here before you know it. Make sure to friend us on Facebook to get all the latest program information. 

We love books at the library!  We have over 60,000 volumes just waiting on the shelves to be chosen.  People love reading because they can learn something new or can be taken away from their daily life situations.  “Reading can take you places" suggests that through the pages of a book, we can embark on journeys that transcend physical boundaries. It encourages us to recognize that the act of reading is a gateway to exploration and discovery.”  (https://elevatesociety.com/reading-can-take-you-places/#:~:text=%22Reading%20can%20take%20you%20places,gateway%20to%20exploration%20and%20discovery.)  Come to the library and explore something new.  You may find a book that you have never seen before or learn about something that interests you.  You might even find out that you love books, just like we do. See you soon. 

Sarah Flanagan is the library director of the Flagg-Rochelle Public Library District.