Identifying different personalities

Wills Chiropractic hosting public personality identification meeting

ROCHELLE – Wills Chiropractic of Rochelle is hosting a free personality identification event open to the public later this month.

The event will be held at the Flagg-Rochelle Public Library from 6 to 7 p.m., on Feb. 10 and will focus on identifying different personality types and how they incorporate into daily life. This personality identification system is called an Enneagram, and it can affect many different areas of one’s life.

The Enneagram personality system is broken into nine different personality types. The talk will focus on the different personality types and how people can use that information to better understand themselves.

“There are nine main personality types and each has its own unique personality traits,” said Sadie Tomlinson, marketing and public relations for Wills Chiropractic. “A type eight, nine, or one person is all known to have different reactions to handling anger. For example, a type eight has no problem letting people know when he or she is angry while a type nine holds it all in and then explodes.”

Wills Chiropractic has been serving the Rochelle community since it opened its doors in September of 2003. Dr. Bryan Wills, owner and practicing chiropractor at the office, will be guiding the presentation at the event.

The presentation is open to the public, but is recommended for attendees who are young adults or older.

“Anybody who has a level of self-awareness is welcome to attend,” said Tomlinson. “This is one of the most requested talks that Dr. Brian offers and will definitely be something that people are going to want to come out and be a part of.”

The event has seats for 37 people to attend and there are 21 seats left. So, for those who would like to attend, Will’s Chiropractic is asking that people register ahead to save a seat at Https://

If there is a good turnout for the presentations, Wills Chiropractic is hoping to make this a quarterly event that occurs four times a year.

Wills Chiropractic also offers many other treatments at its office such as massage therapy, acupuncture, physical therapy and even personal training. One of the main reasons people come to the chiropractor is for pain relief such as neck and back pain, but treatment can help with much more than that.

“The first thing people usually experience is pain relief, such as fewer headaches or back pain,” said Tomlinson. “But there are also people who have talked about things like their allergies or asthma becoming under control. Parents have even said that their kids have had less accidents at night.”