Manhole repair work underway

After a bit of debate over a previous plowing issue, an agreement was reached between the Village of Creston and a resident. Village president Wayne Williams, pictured, said Tuesday night that the village cannot plow unimproved alleys that do not go all the way through. Next spring the village will finish the whole alley so that it can continue to be plowed in the future.

CRESTON – The topic of leaking manholes within the Village of Creston was once again discussed during the monthly meeting Tuesday.
Village Engineer Kevin Bunge talked about seven of the worst manholes in the village that had recently been repaired and were no longer leaking.
“Grouting went well, we got seven manholes done that are now all as tight as a drum,” said Bunge.
The cost of grouting the seven manholes was $10,143.
While there are still eight or more manholes that need new chimney seals, there are three specific manholes in most need of repair. A motion was passed to use up to $4,500 to visualize and look for leaks in those areas.
Trustees also passed a motion to adopt a solar panel ordinance similar to what is already existing in other cities such as Rochelle.
The lease discussing renting out the city farm to Petry Farms was also brought up during the meeting. The agreement is for two years with a third-year option at the end of the initial two, at $300 an acre. The village just needs to print it out and have the agreement signed.
Trustees were also informed that they need to have a hazard mitigation resolution in place in the event of an emergency within the village. A motion was passed to adopt the mitigation resolution already in use in Ogle County so that the village does not have to create its own.
New business
Treasurer Peggy Payton presented the Fiscal Year 2020 Tax Levy. The city will collect $20,245 from the state that will be used for sewer repairs. The levy will sit for 30 days before approval at December’s meeting.
An establishment within the village is seeking a liquor license; however, the village ordinance allows for only one which is already taken. Trustees passed a motion to add a second Class A liquor license ordinance that will follow the same parameters as the one currently on the village books.
Payton also gave a presentation about an E-pay system that the village will be adopting. Currently, all bills to the village need to be paid in cash and this would allow for residents to pay their bills with a credit card online or with a credit card at village hall. The system would be set up at no cost to the village, the state would pay for everything, including card readers at village hall.
The Creston gazebo will be getting dressed up for the holiday season.

Trustees discussed decorating the town gazebo before Saturday, Dec. 7 for the upcoming holiday season. Dement Township recently purchased six new decorations, all LED so that the bulbs don’t need to be replaced as often.
A local resident also brought to the attention of the board, an issue with the city not plowing his alley all the way up to his property line. The issue was the alley was not completely graveled resulting in half gravel and half grass. Village president Wayne Williams said that the city cannot plow unimproved alleys that do not go all the way through.
After a bit of debate, a solution was reached that both accommodates the resident and follows the village’s rules was agreed upon.
“There is a simple solution, we will put some gravel in there and plow from there in,” said trustee Tom Byro.
Next spring the village will finish the whole alley so that it can continue to be plowed in the future.
At the end of the monthly meeting it was also voted and passed to pay the bills, with the inclusion of the $ 10,143 grouting bill. 


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