A show of appreciation

Franklin Grove nursing home purchases T-shirts for staff


Franklin Grove — As a way to show both appreciation and acknowledgement for everything its essential workers are doing through the COVID-19 pandemic, Franklin Grove Living and Rehabilitation Center purchased colorful T-shirts with a powerful message for its entire staff. 

The rehab center and independent/assisted living facility purchased the shirts this past week.

The shirts feature the phrase “I am essential” on the front and a colorful logo saying “COVID free is the way to be” on the back. The back also features an image of what the virus looks like under a microscope. Normally, staff members are only allowed to wear T-shirts on Fridays, but they can wear the shirts any day because of their impactful message.

“Everybody is getting a kick out of them because they are really bright and we like the logo a lot,” said Kathy Clark of resident services. “Some of the residents don’t remember really well, so a lot of times when they see the shirts, they look new again.” 

The staff is really excited about the shirts, and residents enjoy seeing the employees wearing them. Franklin Grove has received positive feedback from the entire staff, all the residents and even family and friends of residents who come to their windows to visit them. While everybody enjoys the looks of the shirts, the message they display is what makes the greatest impact. 

“We bought them for all our staff members here at the rehabilitation center and The Meadows of Franklin Grove,” said Clark. “It’s important that we acknowledge our staff and what a great job they do in keeping our residents safe.”

Franklin Grove takes great pride in its quality of care, and the shirts act as a reminder of everything it does to maintain that reputation. The staff works very hard and has been successful at keeping residents safe from COVID-19 while not affecting their quality of living. 

“We are a five-star facility and we work really hard for that,” said Clark. “In the midst of everything, the quality of the staff and the quality of life is still very positive here.”