Christmas gift ideas


Well, here we are. Hours before the big day and you still might not have gotten that perfect present for a special someone.

Luckily for you, I have some gift ideas straight from the pages of the Hammacher Schlemmer gift catalog!

Do you have a friend who likes playing games? Then the personalized whack a mole console is the gift you may be looking for. Sure it is $3,500, but hey, it is Christmas!

If mind games are your forte, then they also have a three-dimensional labyrinthoid. This 30-inch diameter plastic sphere challenges you to roll a wooden marble through a series of ramps and tunnels until you reach the end. You can tilt it several directions, and it comes on a stand. Of course, the $40,000 (yes…thousand) price tag puts it out of reach for many people.

Have a car buff in the family?

They show a 1959 Corvette billiard table. Based on an actual mold of that classic car, this pool table would look great in any rec room or garage. And at $25,000 it is a better buy than an actual Corvette.

But if it is reality you want in your car buff’s life, they offer a Porsche 917 LeMans Racetrack. This is a full-size Porsche, no engine, that when you lift up the driver’s side it reveals a scale model of the famous LeMans race track. The track is for slot car racing, and you get several authentically detailed slot racing cars to race. But, even at $125,000 it seems like a bargain!

Now call me Scrooge, but these gifts are all out of my range of sensibility. I know there are folks who can afford them, like the people who bought a Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, home for a little over $39 million recently, but seriously it bothers me when there are homeless people and hungry families.

Surely we can figure out a way to provide for less fortunate people all through the year and not just at Christmas.

We have multi billionaires in this country. If someone gave $1 billion of their fortune to the cause of ending homelessness, we could build almost 7,000 $150,000 homes. That could put a dent in the homeless population.

I wish you a Merry Christmas. And I hope you have a healthy holiday.

And please, remember the reason for the season.

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