Consider this: Tax breaks

Reed Harris
Posted 3/4/22

Sometimes I wonder why. Take for instance the statement ‘tax breaks for the business and investors create jobs.’

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Consider this: Tax breaks


Sometimes I wonder why. Take for instance the statement ‘tax breaks for the business and investors create jobs.’  When I hear this, I wonder why.

Are they saying that by giving money to any business or investor, a job automatically appears somewhere in America for a jobless person to fill? On a larger scale, what’s most likely meant is that a business, or an entrepreneur will create/expand their production to put additional people in their work force. Doesn’t it matter whether the product(s) they make or plan to make, have the demand? No, I don’t think any business would create jobs and, therefore, expand output if there were no call for it.

But what if there was a demand? Businesses or entrepreneurs would create/expand on their own if the demand is out there. There would be no need to give them money to do it. No business is going to pass up revenue if they can help it.

Remember that when businesses or entrepreneurs are given tax cuts, this is equal to giving them cash using our money. So, where does our money go? Well, that’s a good question. The only answer I can think of is if the money is there and not being used to create jobs, then it must be handed out in other ways. 

Maybe that’s why high-level company officials are getting richer, and investors are getting much higher percentages of profits than you and I. Yes, we are in the same markets as the rich, but we don’t drink from the same trough.

If the tax cuts were designated to be given only to the laborers in the companies getting them, these laborers would have more income to spend. Chances are they would spend some of the extra income they receive on the products the companies they work for produce. 

This is the only way I can see to have a win/win situation. Employees get more and companies get more from purchases by these employees. Of course, if this can’t be done, tax cuts could be given to the average American and not to companies, entrepreneurs, or investors. Bottom line, it’s you and I who make this country grow. Just look to any government site and ask what the economic growth of this nation is measured on.