Crisis hotline available 24 hours a day


Nearly one in five women will experience sexual assault or rape within her lifetime. In the USA, one out of 71 men has experienced rape or attempted rape. Ninety-three percent of child victims know their abuser. Our mission at Rockford Sexual Assault Counseling is to reduce these numbers through essential services. 

The Ogle County office, located in Oregon, provides much needed services to the communities in Ogle County. In fiscal year 2019 (July 2018 through June 2019) the Ogle County office provided 106 individuals with counseling services and in the current fiscal year, RSAC is on track to increase those numbers. RSAC staff also reached 7,217 kids through prevention education programs such as Erin’s Law in FY 2019. 

Sexual violence does not discriminate. In these times of isolation, we expect the need for our services to increase. Ogle County is still providing essential services such as information, referral, legal advocacy, medical advocacy and counseling. All services are being scheduled and done by phone. New client intakes and referrals are still being completed. The 24-Hour crisis hotline is still available. 

Please report child physical and sexual abuse to the DCFS hotline at 1-800-25-ABUSE. If you need services in Ogle County, you are welcome to call our Ogle County staff at 815-732-000. If staff is not available, please contact our main Rockford office at 815-636-9811. The crisis hotline is available 24-7 at 815-636-9811.