Dealing with the COVID problem


Don’t look now, but Rochelle may have a Covid problem.

Some businesses have temporarily closed due to safety concerns. Others have cut hours. In addition, the state has placed restrictions on bars and restaurants.

Some people are upset about that, they may say the governor lacks authority to regulate businesses in that manner.

But we are in the midst of a pandemic. We have not seen a disease like this in 100 years and how we prevent its spread is up to everybody, from the governor to you and me.

I have heard some people say it’s no worse than the flu. Flu results in as many as 60,000 deaths a year. That is a tragic number.

Nationally, we have had over 225,000 Covid related deaths.  

People with underlying conditions can survive flu, but not Covid. Covid also seems to be capable of leaving people with ongoing heart and lung problems, no matter their age.

The U.S. is not alone in struggling with control. Countries around the world are working on containment by shutting down some businesses, closing schools, and requiring face masks.

Yet people refuse to wear masks. Some people don’t maintain social distancing. Others go out when they are sick.

We are shooting ourselves in the foot by doing this.

Wear a mask. Stay home as much as you can. Avoid crowds. Don’t go out if you are sick. Wash your hands often. Sanitize surfaces people touch in your home.

Be smart. Protect those around you.

This is not going to disappear tomorrow, or next week, or even next spring. It won’t disappear until scientists come up with a vaccine, and even then it will linger amongst us.

Be safe. Keep those around you safe.


Has anybody else noticed there is an election Tuesday?

When it is over, I hope people go out and gather all the candidate signs that usually linger afterward.


I think my household has hit the $300 requirement for a credit on our utility bill. We are now working on our second credit…but I do wonder if I can take that second credit and “give” it to someone that needs it more than me. I’ll have to check on that.


The library has a new service called Hoopla. You can check out e-books for free. There are thousands of titles. Visit the library’s website ( for more information.

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