Football: Perseverance helps Casey overcome adversity

RTHS senior stays true to passion, becomes mentor for young players


Quinton Casey had a difficult decision to make near the beginning of his senior football season with the Rochelle Hubs. While there were moments where Casey doubted his decision, he said that staying true to his passion was one of the best choices he’s made in his life.

Casey had been gearing up for his fourth season with the Rochelle football program, but he was disappointed to find out early on that he would be starting his senior campaign on the JV team and not the varsity squad. Although Casey was upset, he didn’t let the move discourage him from working hard on and off the field, and he wound up having the best season of his career.

“RTHS football taught me to stick with your passion no matter what,” Casey said. “I stayed with the team after a bumpy start, but I stayed for the whole season, and as a result, I felt I had my best season ever. I also took on a mentorship role for some of my younger teammates. If you truly want it, work hard and don’t give up because the rewards can be endless.”

Casey’s perseverance led to several career highlights during his senior season including his first-ever interception, a fumble recovery and his first-ever rushing touchdown. Casey, who will be attending Northern Illinois University to study journalism, said he wouldn’t have performed as well as he did as a senior without perseverance and the support of his teammates.

“I faced a lot of adversity, but I had my best season and I gained a lot of confidence in myself,” Casey said. “I became a leader and my teammates trusted me to make plays… The thrill and support from my teammates and coaches is something I’ll never forget. I eventually played more and more varsity snaps until I became a starter in the second-to-last week of the season. Without perseverance, I wouldn’t have gotten as far as I did near the end of the season.”

Casey’s consistency was prevalent throughout his many years playing football. He never missed a single season dating all the way back to when he first took up flag football as a kid. He said the grace of the sport was what fueled his passion at an early age and continued as he grew older.

“My favorite part about playing for RTHS was the camaraderie and the thrill of playing in front of loud stadiums,” Casey said. “I’ll forever have a passion for football and my love for the game has only grown stronger as I’ve grown older and become more involved in the game.”