Girls Bowling: Porter bringing passion to Lady Hubs

Lady Hub senior competing with consistent energy


There's a distinct sound that Lady Hub senior Kiya Porter hears when she rolls her bowling ball down the lanes and knocks over all 10 pins standing in her way. That sound and the satisfaction that comes with throwing a strike are two things Porter enjoys most about the sport since she decided to take up bowling at Rochelle Township High School during her sophomore year.

Porter immediately found herself competing with the varsity team, utilizing her high ball speed and straight-line approach to the pocket to become a leading contributor for the Lady Hubs. Porter invested in her own equipment as a sophomore, and the result was her average improving from double-digit scores to triple-digit performances on a regular basis.

“I feel that I’ve performed with a lot of heart,” Porter said. “No matter how long a tournament may seem, I’ve always ended the day with the same energy that I started with. I’ve always been able to follow my coach’s instructions and I’ve always been flexible to change my approach. This coming season, I’m looking to improve my consistency in picking up spares.”

Porter started her junior season strong, rolling high scores including a 173 against Kaneland and totaling Rochelle’s best individual series at the LaSalle-Peru Cavalier Classic. Porter, who was the varsity team’s second-highest scoring player in the IHSA Dixon Regional this past season, will be a key returning bowler for the Lady Hubs under new head coach Eric Widick. Widick replaces former coach Joey Johanning, who coached Porter over her first two seasons.

“My biggest goal for my senior season is to have fun,” Porter said. “I’ve always been passionate about the atmosphere of the sport. I learned how to love the sport under coach Johanning and he taught us how to control our emotions on the lanes. Coach Johanning focused on preparing us for our future and I’m hoping that coach Widick has the same amount of heart and appreciation for the sport that I do. I’m looking forward to his fresh perspective of our team.”