Happy Fourth of July!


I imagine people are looking forward to the freedoms of this Fourth, especially after the year and a half we have been through. A pandemic, failed insurrection, unfounded conspiracy theories; it has been a time that most of us will never forget.

Our modern day celebrations will consist of fireworks displays, family cookouts, mattress sales, baseball games and a lot of other things we have missed over the past year and a half.

Rochelle will have a parade on Sunday, July 4, followed by food and fun at Cooper Park from 5-10 p.m. The municipal band will play, there will be a couple of food trucks and I hear the Candy Cloud folks will be there with cotton candy.  

We do need to remember that we have responsibilities as citizens of this great land. 

Following the laws, voting, treating each other fairly and equally, standing up for right and defending the truth are part of those responsibilities.

Have fun this Fourth. Please, don’t drink and drive.  


Rain sure is a funny thing.

A couple of weeks ago corn was looking sad, lawns were looking parched and rain was passing around us. Now we can’t seem to get rid of it! I think the corn will be way above knee high by the Fourth of July and most of the brown spots in my yard have recovered. 

My new rain gauge had two inches after one rain and twice I have emptied over half an inch and there is more to come in the days leading up to the weekend.

But the forecast for the Fourth looks pretty good. Here’s hoping.

Flagg Road path

When you are using the recreation path and are crossing Flagg Road, be sure to use the light.  I know, if no traffic is coming it seems faster to just scoot across, but using the light is safer in the long run.

Recently I saw three cyclists hit the light and then cross. I was stopped for the red light on Flagg Road, but a westbound car did not even slow down! Luckily no one was in the crosswalk. Always look both ways and be aware drivers are easily distracted.

Florida tragedy

My heart aches for the families affected by the collapse of that apartment building in Florida. Hopefully what investigators learn will prevent further incidents like this.

Terry Dickow can be contacted at terrydickow@gmail.com