Impressed by the Shop Local program


The city recently wrapped up its shop local program, which offered utility credits to people who turned in $300 in receipts from qualifying local businesses.

According to a video posted  by the city, 5,755 credits were issued. That reflected spending of $2.971,109 with local businesses. The credits paid out totaled $538,500.

That is quite impressive!  

Local businesses benefitted, residents benefitted and the city took in some sales tax money on the nearly $3 million spent locally. Although the program is done, keep shopping local.

Census data

Based on census data, a group identified the state’s 20 poorest cities population 10,000 and above. They determined that by the number of people falling below the poverty line.

DeKalb was 11 and Rockford at 18. Macomb, Champaign, Charleston, Bloomington… all college communities….were also on the list. I wonder if the student populations skewed the results.

I find it hard to describe DeKalb as a poor community, but statistics don’t lie, do they?

Please be kind

I get so tired of hearing stories about people saying mask requirements violate their rights. A woman told a school board in South Carolina that if they mandated masks, she would show up with her guns loaded on Monday. Store clerks get yelled at by people when told they have to wear a mask.

I thought humans were better than that, but I may be wrong.

This is part of a message posted by Gregg Olson, chief executive officer at Rochelle Community Hospital, relative to events at our hospital.

“With the increased number seeking testing, we have experienced unacceptable behavior from a few members in our community who have been disorderly with our staff. Over the last week especially our staff have endured being yelled at, sworn at and even sometimes met with physical aggression.

Rochelle Community Hospital will not tolerate this disruptive behavior from patients and family members. We ask you to please be respectful and kind to one another. Remember that we have to work together as we try to continue to meet the challenges of this pandemic.

No, mask and vaccine requirements are not the equivalent of Nazi concentration camps or discrimination. They are not a Holocaust.

If you don’t want to wear a mask for the 20 minutes you are in a store, fine. Don’t go in the store. Order online and pick it up.  

But please be kind to people trying to help the rest of us.

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