Light a candle in support

Show appreciation for all the medical workers battling the current COVID-19 outbreak.


ROCHELLE – Many communities, including Rochelle, are lighting a candle or turning on a light to show appreciation for all the medical workers battling the current COVID-19 outbreak.

On Wednesday, April 1 at 7 p.m., members of the community will be lighting a candle or any kind of light and placing it outside their homes or in their window. The lights are meant to show appreciation and support for the many doctors, nurses and medical professionals working to aid others through the COVID-19 outbreak.

Many communities throughout the state are participating in this event named #Lettherebelight. While it is unknown where the event started, a flyer has been circulating around social media and was brought to the attention of the city by a local resident.

This resident is also the creator of the Rochelle Quarantine Scavenger Hunt Facebook page, helping keep the community connected during these times of social distancing. Once the city heard about the event, they thought it was a great idea as well.

“I was sent the flyer, shared it with a couple other people and we all thought it was a great idea and decided to participate,” said Jenny Thompson, director of marketing, public relations and tourism. “Hopefully people will light a candle or put a light in their yard, so our medical professionals know that we are so thankful that they are on the front lines of this.”

Residents can use either a candle or any type of light they are comfortable with and it can be placed out front of the house or in the window. Rochelle City Hall will be placing candle lights in many of the building’s windows. While this gesture shows support for all the medical workers, it also brings the community together.  

“It is great to see people come together and support each other through difficult times like this,” said Thompson.