Mary Helen Tigan Lynn


SPARKS, Nev. – Mary Helen Tigan Lynn, age 69, passed away surrounded by family and held in love. She used some of her last breath to say "I love you." She was in her bed that she loved, at the home she shared with her sister.

She was born to a family with four other siblings and two loving parents in Rochelle, where she grew up until riding the Zephyr Train with her family out to California as a teen. She spent most of her life in the Bay Area, made lifelong friendships, found her spiritual home, had a thriving career in sales and had three daughters and one grandson.

She spent the last years of her life in Reno, Nevada, out in her and her sister's garden that they so lovingly tended together, watching the birds and growing flowers. She loved the weather there and it reminded her of her childhood spent in the true seasons of Illinois.

Her quiet time in that garden, with nature, brought her so much joy. Mary knew how to appreciate the little things and she never lost her special spark, her love of life.

She loved being a mother and a grandmother and adored all of the many children that blessed her life through her vibrant community. Mary inspired all of those around her with the resilience and gratitude she embodied even in the face of the many challenges her body went through.

She never gave up on her joy of life. Her eyes always carried such a beautiful light. She will be remembered with a profound love and will live on through her three daughters, her grandson, her siblings and all of her dear friends and community.

She will be remembered in the birdsongs, the gentle breeze, the clear waters, the gardens and the sunshine. Mary was truly one of a kind and will always be alive in our hearts.

Mother, sister, daughter, aunty, grandma and friend. We honor the beauty that you embodied, the unwavering love you showed to so many and the miracle that was your life here on the earthly plane.

You were truly one of kind and you lived your life to the fullest. You were resilient and oh so radiant. The light you carried was beyond measure and you made a profound impact on all of those who had the pleasure of knowing you.

Thank you for showing all of your loved ones how to love fiercely and laugh freely. We love you. 

May your memory be a blessing.