Park district board seeking new commissioner

Applications available for vacant position


ROCHELLE — If you’re looking to serve the Rochelle community in a way that you’ll see definite and quick returns, the Flagg-Rochelle Community Park District currently has a vacancy on its board.

Applications can be picked up at the REC Center located at 802 Jones Road, Monday through Friday, from 8:30 a.m. until 5 p.m. Or interested residents can get the application off the website,

Applications must be filled out and returned by Monday, May 10 and qualified applicants will then be interviewed for the position.

The board meets every third Monday of the month at 6:30 p.m.

Executive director Jackee Ohlinger informed the board that spring cleanup of the parks by the staff was in full swing. In addition, the high school’s Key Club helped clean up at both Cooper and Memorial parks, which was one of the first service projects they’ve done for some time.

Membership at the Rec Center is at 1618 members, which includes 158 families, 207 senior citizens and students, 145 fieldhouse-only members as well as 714 drops ins. Ohlinger was pleased with the numbers.

The board approved the purchase of equipment which was in the budget for this year.

Ohlinger explained that $100,000 was budgeted to replace equipment that has aged or no longer is efficient. One tractor will replace two tractors at Skare Park, has a cab and can be used year round. It also can work as a backhoe, so they won’t have to transport a separate backhoe out to Skare Park.

Lastly, Mitch Hamilton from Fairways Golf Course gave the board an update on the facility.

Hamilton said they went from two golf outings last year at half capacity, to 14 on the schedule for this year at full capacity.

The coarse opened March 13 with carts and benches, as opposed to last year when carts weren’t allowed and benches had to be overturned so no one would rest of them. “You’ll probably never see a water cooler on a golf course ever again,” Hamilton added.

More bright news emerged this year as Kishwaukee College has chosen Fairways as its home course for its golf team. They signed a three-year contract. In addition, each team member will put in 16 hours of volunteer work at the course this season.

Hamilton is also pleased with where they are financially. He expected the numbers to be down last year, but it was the opposite as 1,600 more rounds of golf were played compared to 2019.

Fairways offers Groupon discounts and Hamilton said 20 percent of the Groupons are from outside Rochelle. He’s also distributing fliers at the local hotels for visitors.

With that said, Hamilton informed the board that he has $60,000 cash in hand from last year, which gives him a cushion of $100,000 total in the bank.

The next park board building will be Monday, May 17 at 6:30 p.m.