Reconstruction project begins Monday


ROCHELLE — The Second Avenue street reconstruction project, between 12th Street and 14th Street, will begin May 11. 

Additional work will be along 12th Street between Second Avenue and Lincoln Avenue. The project includes new curb and gutter, asphalt pavement section, sidewalks, storm sewer drainage systems and restoration within the city’s existing right of way. 

Utility companies will be relocating or adjusting watermain, gasmain, communications, and electric systems in advance and throughout the project. Therefore, there may be intermittent disruptions in utilities which will be posted by the individual utility companies. If you have questions or comments please contact your utility service provider. 

Due to limited city right-of-way, residents will be required to park vehicles periodically in other locations such as behind their homes in the alley or in other locations, as the construction work progresses. This will allow the city’s contractor, Porter Brothers Asphalt, to perform the reconstruction work efficiently and in a safe manner. Pay special attention to temporary signage posted that there is “no parking within the construction zone.”

The roadway will be closed to through traffic and limited access will be available to local residents only at various times during construction. 

Advance warning, detour and other temporary traffic control devices will be posted near the affected area. Please use caution while traveling in this area and pay special attention to the advanced warning signage, road closed signage and other temporary traffic control devices within or in advance of the work zone.