Speed kills on roadways

Terry Dickow
Posted 5/17/21

Remember the expression “speed kills?”

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Speed kills on roadways


Speed kills on roadways

Remember the expression “speed kills?”

I believe it referred to a drug back in the 70s.  But I think the expression should be used today in safe driving campaigns.

Every week we see people ticketed for not just 10 miles above the limit, but 25, 30 or even more. That is not safe driving.

I was driving on Hemstock Road the other day and no car was behind me. I looked in my mirror and suddenly, there was a car. I was doing about the speed limit, but this person had to be going a lot faster to catch up with me and then pass.

I have seen bicyclists on country roads. A car doing 55 could seriously injure or even kill a bicyclist, runner or someone walking a dog. Going faster than that is an invitation to disaster.

Slow down. Take an extra minute to get where you are going. That will be better than killing someone in an accident.

Speaking of which, there have been two accidents at Skare Road and Flagg Road in the past week, both caused by one vehicle pulling out in front of an oncoming car.  

Maybe it’s time for the county to consider a four way stop sign at the intersection and a reduced speed zone. There is an awful lot of traffic on both roads.

If you ride a bicycle in the country, don’t ride on Flagg Road. There is limited space on the sides, it is a busy road and people go fast. Take a backroad where there is less traffic.

Lost in cyberspace

I admit it: Technology baffles me.

Last week’s column ran in the midweek edition because it seemed to disappear in cyberspace. I sent it, but it was never received.

Be a good neighbor

Everyone knows dogs are a person’s best friend. Dogs have to do their duty somewhere. And if you’re a dog owner, it’s your responsibility to clean up the mess!  Don’t let your dog poop on someone’s grass, be it a neighbor, stranger, business or other agency, and then leave it. Pick it up and dispose of it properly.

Take in downtown

Need some exercise and fresh air?  Why not take a walk around downtown Rochelle? You would be surprised at the businesses and architecture you can see while strolling along the sidewalks. Include the library and city hall on your walk and get to know your town a little better.

Terry Dickow can be contacted at terrydickow@gmail.com