Stay strong seniors

RTHS student Kaylee Brown re-writes song for fellow classmates


ROCHELLE – A Rochelle Township High School senior used her time at home to re-write the lyrics of a popular song, to send a powerful message to her fellow seniors. 

Kaylee Brown is a senior at RTHS and like many other students in the state, is currently learning from home. Since she has been spending most of her time at home, she and her friends had been expressing their emotions of not being able to finish their senior year. They are missing out on events such as track season, prom and the many memories that would have been formed. 

Last Thursday night, Brown had been feeling extra emotional about her senior year and was unable to sleep. So, at 3:30 a.m., she decided to write a song, pouring all of her feelings and emotions into it. The message behind the song is for all her fellow seniors to remember they are in this together, to stay strong and to remember that they still have the summer to make memories. 

“I want people to know how all of the seniors are feeling, as well as give a hopeful message,” said Brown. “In the beginning, I described how we were feeling and at the end, I tried to lift their spirits and say hey, we are going to get through this and we have more time to make the memories we are missing out on.”

The song she chose was Hey There Delilah by The Plain White T’s. She chose this song because when she was searching, she saw the title and thought “Hey There Seniors” and she knew right away. 

From start to finish, Brown says the song only took her about 15 minutes to write. She knew she wanted to do a cover to a song, because for her, writing the lyrics comes easier than writing the beat or melody.

Brown has always had a background in music, taking choir her first two years in high school and vocal jazz her sophomore year. She also plays the ukulele, the guitar and makes music videos. She has even auditioned for the T.V. show The Voice, two times and plans to audition for American Idol this year. 

Brown has written a few different songs for herself that she has not performed or shared with anyone yet. But, for this song, she felt she needed to share the message behind it. 

“I just wanted to put this message out there and hopefully help some people out,” said Brown. “We are all going to get through this, so stay strong.”

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