Supports Rock for Ogle County State's Attorney


Dear Editor,
I am Tom Smith, and I believe in our Ogle County.
I have been active for over 40 years in politics, seated on many boards within our county. Currently I’m a county board member and supervisor of White Rock Township. My residence is in the unincorporated area of Ogle, thus I rely heavily on the Sheriff and our State’s Attorney to keep me safe. Arresting those that
choose crime is only one factor, ensuring they properly pay for those crimes is equally as important.

I am a supporter, and volunteer, in Mike Rock’s campaign for our Ogle County State’s Attorney. We must have hard working responsible people in our county law enforcement community,
placing Mike Rock as our State’s Attorney is the best choice. I co-chaired Brian VanVickle’s campaign because I believe we need strong leaders in public safety positions.
Mike is a strong and experienced prosecutor who will place our public safety first. The State’s Attorney’s office needs new leadership and experience, Mike Rock has those qualities and will bring them to the job. The current State’s Attorney is a politician, but what Ogle County needs is
a prosecutor. Mike has more court room experience and a broader record prosecuting many types of crimes.
That is why I’m voting for Mike Rock in the Ogle County primary, and I hope you will too.
Thomas K. Smith