Unity Hospice hosts Hot Dog Hand-off


ROCHELLE – Unity Hospice and Palliative Care staff members stood along Caron Road dressed as hot dogs and condiments while handing out free hot dogs and buns for its Hot Dog Hand-Off. 

The event took place on July 1 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in front of the Unity Hospice office building located at 915 N. Caron Road. At the event, staff members were dressed up in ketchup, mustard and a hot dog costume while holding free hot dog signs to get the attention of passing motorists. 

Any vehicle that stopped received a free bag filled with a full pack of hot dogs, buns and information on Unity Hospice as well as a volunteer sign-up form. The event was part of the organization’s “Unity in the Community” campaign and people who received the hot dogs were also encouraged to post photos of their cookouts and tag @UnityHospicecares on Facebook to show off their grilling skills and family fun.

“We hosted this event to do a shout out to the community that we are all in this together,” Unity Hospice administrator Barbara Martin said. “This is one way to give back to the community while having fun and hopefully putting smiles on a couple faces.”

Staff members made all of the signs and volunteered their own time to come out and work the event. One staff member even brought her dog dressed up as a hot dog. Unity Hospice would like to thank its staff and the community for making this event possible. 

“It is a team effort to put together this event, make it fun and serve the community,” Martin said. “I could not do it without the wonderful staff of volunteers and we are so proud to be able to serve the community; Rochelle truly is a phenomenal community.”

Unity Hospice’s role is to provide professional medical care, to manage pain and other symptoms and to meet the social, emotional and spiritual needs of each patient and their family. It is the organization’s hope and belief that, through appropriate care, patients and their families can attain a meaningful degree of mental and spiritual preparation for death.

“We offer care to individuals who are towards the end of their life,” Martin said. “We bring everything to the individual so that he or she can remain in the comfort of wherever he or she calls home. We aim to make the experience exactly how the individual believes it is supposed to be.”