When will Hickory Grove come down?

Terry Dickow
Posted 10/29/21

We should have had a pool on when the Hickory Grove complex would actually come down.

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When will Hickory Grove come down?


We should have had a pool on when the Hickory Grove complex would actually come down.

I believe it was supposed to be in 2019, but now it sounds like next spring before demo starts on the facility.

The pool could be organized like Bessie Bingo….people pay for a specific day when the first wrecking ball hits the complex. I hereby give permission for someone to use my idea with 2022 dates for the bingo squares. It could be a great fundraiser!

On the subject of Hickory Grove, a friend stopped me the other day and asked what VCCT was going to do for a performance space now that the building is closed.

I explained that the theater group has taken over the former Lincoln School on South Main and has reimagined it as the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. The former gym and some north side classrooms have been converted into a theater and lobby , complete with restrooms and concession area. The stage is on the west end of the gym, with the east end, which used to be the stage area when it was a school, as the light and sound booth.

So far, two productions have been staged in the new facility. A holiday gala is scheduled for early December and other productions are on the book for next year.

This is a great time to get involved in theater in your community. On stage, backstage, working lights or sound….opportunities abound. Why not get involved?

What we want

I know there are a lot of angry people in our town, county and country.

I think we all need to sit back and just think about what we want.

I believe most of us would say we want:  homelessness eliminated or at least greatly reduced; better mental and physical health care options for veterans;  people not going hungry; affordable housing; affordable day care; jobs that pay living wages; access to affordable health care; excellent educational systems; modern infrastructure; safe communities.

These are not democratic or republican issues, these are issues that impact all of us in some way.  

I hope the leaders of both parties can work on building America, not tearing it down.

Heath Mickley

Nice to see Heath Mickley’s story in the paper last week. Heath was a student of mine years ago and I knew then he would grow up to do good things. Nice going, Heath!

Terry Dickow can be contacted at terrydickow@yahoo.com