Why invest in Rochelle?

Terry Dickow
Posted 2/17/22

I was asked an interesting question last week, and I am sharing it with you, friendly readers.

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Why invest in Rochelle?


I was asked an interesting question last week, and I am sharing it with you, friendly readers.

I ran into Dale Meyers, who serves on the GREDCO board. I asked why Amazon opted for DeKalb instead of Rochelle and he said Amazon never approached Rochelle, and it was a surprise to everyone when they chose DeKalb.

Dale then asked me a question, and I am going to ask you.

You are talking to the head of a Fortune 500 company willing to invest hundreds of millions of dollars into a facility in Rochelle.

What is one thing you would say to that person to convince them to locate here?

Dale and I talked for a few minutes and bounced around some ideas on what to say, and now it is your turn to voice your thought.

Remember: One thing you would say to a representative of a large company looking for new location. Send your one idea to me at terrydickow@gmail.com and I will run as many of the responses as I can. Please make sure you include your name.

Who knows, maybe there will even be a reward for your answer. Maybe.

Hickory Grove

Wow, Hickory Grove went down quickly. Here today, gone tomorrow. Like many people, I took pictures as the demolition progressed. I also had flashbacks to the good times I had there, as did a lot of other folks.

Dave Major and the Minors played there a lot, but I also learned Duke Ellington played there! That is pretty cool. Those were fun times, indeed.


This “winter” had to be tough on folks who plow driveways. I have only had mine done three times so far, way below normal. And I don’t remember the last time I could see grass for most of February.

I have never seen a winter Olympics here they had to make all the snow. To me that is a huge waste of water. One article I read said it was enough water to supply 900 million people with six glasses of water in a day, 

At the previous two winter games, artificial snow was also used, but not to the extent it has been used in China. Seems to me Winter Olympics should be held in places where there is natural snow normally found at this time of year.

But with the climate changing, maybe that will be an impossible task.

Terry Dickow can be contacted at terrydickow@gmail.com