Don't be so grumpy

Sometimes I forget what it is like to be young.

Maybe it’s Covid, but lately I feel like a grumpy old man just waiting for kids to walk on the lawn  so I can yell, “Hey you kids, get off my grass!”

So Thursday’s ride along the bike path was darn refreshing. First off, the path is in great shape. If you have not been on it lately, it really is a great place to walk, bike, run, roller blade, or ride a scooter.

I passed a family with two little ones. The girl could not have been more than 4 years old. She was on her bike and as she was riding she went, “Wheee…..this is fun” with all the excitement in the world showing on her face.

Another boy was on the sidewalk on the bridge by the retention ponds just off 20th Street. He had a pole and line in the water and as I was riding by he yelled, “I caught one! I caught one!”

Again, the excitement and thrill in his voice was pretty darn up lifting.

Hopefully, if I ever see a kid on my grass I will yell, “Hey kid…have a great day. Enjoy your youth. Keep having fun.”

Because being grumpy is really a downer.


Campaign signs are starting to sprout like crabgrass.

My mind is made up and there is nothing anyone can say or do to change it.

That being said, when I see signs for a candidate I don’t like I often shake my head, laugh, or ask myself how anyone could support that candidate.

I think that is fine to do.

But what is not cool is to roll down a car window and scream obscenities at the house displaying the sign, or damage the sign, or in several other ways be an obnoxious person.

It also pays to remember that little kids see these signs…so maybe the ones about Pritzker could be a little less offensive.


As a retired teacher, I can sympathize with educators being reluctant to return to the classroom this fall.

I seemed to catch at least three colds a year, no matter how careful I was.   While the colds were a discomfort, they were not deadly.

It’s a tough choice for parents and teachers, bus drivers, custodians, secretaries, learning aides, librarians, substitute teachers, administrators and anyone involved in educating our young.

To me, it’s not an easy decision. For anyone.

Stay safe. Wear a mask.

Terry Dickow can be contacted at t[email protected]


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