Family wants to ‘Take Danny Home’

Rosemary and Danny Sanchez

Rosemary Sanchez choked back tears as she described how much her son adores his father. 

Sanchez received news her husband, Danny, does not have much longer to live; he is battling cancer and it has spread to his kidney, stomach and lymph nodes.

The couple has lived in the Rochelle area for 30 years, originally from Wichita Falls, Texas. Their son, Milagro, is 29. Danny had been working at Cedar Siding in Rochelle.

“He’s been my son’s caregiver. Our son has Downs Syndrome … he thinks the world of his dad,” Sanchez said through her tears. “In the last three months, my husband’s health has gone downhill. I worked at the Holiday Inn and had to quit my job to take care of him and my son.”

Sanchez said the doctors are giving Danny anywhere from two days to a month to live. She is making arrangements to bring her husband home to Hillcrest from a Rockford hospital. 

Knowing now Danny’s decline in health will not allow travel back to Texas, Sanchez has a wish to have him buried in their hometown. With medical bills mounting, friends of the family have established a GoFundMe page, “Take Danny Home,” hoping to get Danny to Texas before he passes away. 

“I have family in Texas … I know I will be selling my house here and will move there,” Sanchez said. 

For more information or to donate to the Sanchez family, please visit the GoFundMe page, “Take Danny Home.”Sanchez 3WEB


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