Kennay Farms Distillery earns recognition

Doris Kennay (above) of Kennay Farms Distilling accepted the Illinois Made award from Diane Bausman of the Blackhawk Waterways Convention and Visitors Bureau on Thursday afternoon. (Photo by Jennifer Simmons)

Local business honored as new maker in Illinois Made program

ROCHELLE — On Thursday afternoon, Kennay Farms Distilling in Rochelle became one of 175 small businesses in Illinois to be recognized as a new maker in the Illinois Made program.

“I am proud to honor Kennay Farms Distilling as a new maker in the Illinois Made program. They are a representation of the unique and authentic experiences that Illinois has to offer,” Diane Bausman, Executive Director of the Blackhawk Waterways Convention and Visitors Bureau said. “The Kennay family now joins more than 175 small businesses that are part of the Illinois Made program.”

To be considered for the Illinois Made program, businesses must embody the personal spirit of Illinois, demonstrating through their work what makes the state so unique. Basic requirements include: Located in the state of Illinois. Open to the public with an amazing visitor experience available to travelers. Produces all crafts, products, and wares in Illinois.

Lives by the “Illinois Made” mantra by sourcing materials or expertise from other local businesses or Illinoisans. Have a captivating story to tell, whether because of a rich history, unique origins, or a pioneering spirit.

“It was the artisans, inventors and farmers who first built the communities of Illinois — and it’s businesses like Kennay Farms who continue to shape our regional culture and make a positive impact on not only the local economy in Rochelle but also on our entire northern Illinois region,” Bausman said. “Makers like Kennay Farms Distilling exemplify what it means to be a local artisan. They represent the pinnacle of small businesses — offering a one-of-a-kind experience that can only be found in the cities, towns, and rural communities of Illinois.”

Bausman presented the award on behalf of the Illinois Office of Tourism and the Blackhawk Waterways CVB.