Lexy LeMar balances music, sports, and academics

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Pictured, LeMar with concert band members Chris Hansen, Haley Rawles, Alec Tilton, and Alvaro Alanis

ROCHELLE — Life is all about balance.

Most would say Lexy LeMar does rather well balancing music, sports, and academics at Rochelle Township High School. The senior plays in the high school’s band and jazz band, on the volleyball team and in student council all four years, been on the track team, math team, WYSE team, and participated in the Scholastic Bowl.

To top it all off, LeMar captured a perfect score on the ACT test.

The future is definitely bright for the senior as she is looking forward to graduating later this month and attending California Institute of Technology, also known as Caltech, in the fall.

But knowing all that’s ahead, LeMar acknowledged she will miss the place she has called her second home these last four years.

“I think being at [RTHS] there’s a sense of community,” LeMar said. “I can walk through hallways, know everyone’s face. Everyone is so friendly and in general everyone is nice. I really appreciate that. I like it here.”

Musically, LeMar first started taking piano lessons at her parents’ suggestion, admitting she “fell in love and wanted to do more.” LeMar started Alto Sax in fifth grade, switched to Tenor Sax in middle school, and played the Baritone, Bassoon, and bells in high school. She has also picked up the clarinet and has been a drum major for the last two years.

And one more — LeMar plays the organ at her church — something she has enjoyed for the last five years.

Participating in the weeklong RTHS band camp has also been a highlight for LeMar, acknowledging the realization a senior has on incoming freshmen. The band camp involves activities, practice, and “fun stuff,” LeMar described.

There is no shortage of things for LeMar to do as she has been busy wrapping up her senior year. Having recently returned from a college visit to Pasadena, she is looking forward to freshman orientation at Caltech when all incoming students take a trip to the beach.

There has also been no shortage of people who have influenced her to achieve, especially her teachers at RTHS.

“My chemistry and physics teacher, Mr. Campbell, really pushed me to do stuff outside of school. He gave me information on camps to participate in,” LeMar said. “That’s how I got into chemistry. That’s why I want to be a chemical engineer, because of the camps. My calculus teacher, Mr. Hill, also had quite an influence on me.”

There is also special recognition for another influential person in her life.

“My mom is probably the biggest influence on my life. She really pushes me and supports me all the way,” LeMar admitted.

Although LeMar knows she wants to pursue chemical engineering, there are some options specifically in that field, such as in biomedical, pharmaceutical, or environmental aspects. She also intends on playing saxophone in Caltech’s concert or jazz band.

“Get involved, join something,” LeMar responded when asked about advice for incoming freshmen at RTHS. “That’s the best way to meet people, start new friendships and get accustomed to the high school. Definitely get involved.”

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