Metal restoration business opens up in Rochelle

ROCHELLE — A dream became a reality for one business-minded family with the opening of their company in Rochelle Friday morning.
Casey and Krysten Kain and their business, CleanMetal, were welcomed to town by the Rochelle Area Chamber of Commerce and several City of Rochelle officials during a grand opening event Friday morning.
CleanMetal is a commercial business with more than 20 years experience inspecting, repairing and restoring metals and more than 10 years of business management knowledge.
“This is a dream come true [for us],” Krysten said during the ribbon cutting Friday morning. “We started this business 20 years ago in our garage.”
Countless industries and hobbyists require the use of mechanical systems including factories, automotive services, racing, transportation, construction, agriculture, aviation, cycling, restoration, food service and manufacturing.
Purchasing new components can be very expensive and sometimes impossible. CleanMetal makes it possible for consumers and commercial customers to deep clean metal mechanisms with confidence in the safety and reliability of environmentally-friendly and cost-effective solvents and procedures.
“We quickly realized we did not have the resources on the farm to be visible to potential customers and industries nor the infrastructure to support our needs,” Casey said in the decision to move the family business from West Brookly to Rochelle. “Rochelle was a community that was enthusiastic about helping us grow our business.”
As master cleaner, Casey’s specialties include shop experience, engine building, automotive repair and restoration, sales, customer service, metal fabricating and joining, CAD, mechanical engineering, manufacturing processes and automotive technology.
“We care about the environment and our business will add to our ability to reduce, reuse and recycle and help others do the same by decreasing what they might otherwise throw away,” Krysten said. “We will also reduce hazardous cleaning products often generated by those trying to do this on their own.”
Krysten’s main focus will be providing personalize customer service, management, performance improvement and consulting services to customers.
CleanMetal uses deep-cleaning services, state-of-the-art equipment and techniques including general rinsing and cleaning, hot water immersion, high pressure, ultrasonic cleaning, and precision gauging, inspection and repair services. A benefit of locating their business in Rochelle is their ability to pickup, restore and deliver components to homes and businesses throughout the greater-Rochelle area.
“It is exciting when we are able to locate a new small business in Rochelle and bring life back to a vacant space,” Peggy Friday, commercial and retail development coordinator for the City of Rochelle and the executive director of the Rochelle Chamber of Commerce said. “The mission of CleanMetal is to save and repurpose. We are grateful for their investment in a historic property in Rochelle.”
CleanMetal is located in the former KRAFT Foods building, 350 N. 15th St. The 1,200 square foot facility is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. CleanMetal accepts drop-offs as well as provides pick up services.
For more information about CleanMetal, visit, check out their Facebook page or call 630-303-1844.

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