Moving into cooler days and nights

Funny how life goes…this summer had the hottest average temperature ever and September rolls around and I am putting on a sweatshirt to go outside.

My vegetable garden is winding down. Tomatoes and cucumbers are finishing up and the second crop of beans I planted look to be doing well.  Not so of my second crop of peas.

Cooler nights, cooler days, Labor Day, school starting, pumpkin spice lattes back in stores, Christmas decorations going up…all signs of fall.


I am a big believer in using cameras for speed limit enforcement. Cameras would free up officers for more important tasks plus they would provide a revenue source to the state.  And, being a revenue source, I am surprised Illinois has not installed thousands of speed cameras state-wide. It is a tax you don’t pay if you obey the law.

Years ago my daughter moved to Switzerland. They use cameras a lot over there.  They also have a different philosophy on fines. A fine for speeding depends on where it happened, how fast above the limit you were going and your income.

So, when police finally stopped a man in 2010  who was doing180 m.p.h. in a 72 m.p.h. zone, his fine was $1 million.  He was evidently wealthy.  His fine topped the previous one of $290,000.

I was reminded of that when I read in last week’s paper that Rochelle police ticketed a driver clocked at 116 m.p.h. in a 70 m.p.h. zone. No fine in the world is large enough for drivers like that.


I love the older homes in Rochelle. I ride past them on my bike and love the colors some of them have, or the wide porches, or the unique architecture.

I also notice there are some that might benefit from a little TLC.

Wouldn’t it be great if  there was a program to provide interest free loans to people who want to make improvement to homes over 100 years old?  The loans could be used for exterior painting, landscaping or interior upgrades, and would be paid back over several years or immediately if the house is sold.

I don’t see the city or state initiating a program like that because I don’t think the dollars are there to make the loans.

I do think it would benefit current residents and potential residents who are attracted to older homes in smaller towns.

Happy Labor Day!

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