Students get surprise after smashing fundraiser goal

ROCHELLE — Students at Tilton School got a surprise Thursday afternoon when principal Jennifer Derricks happened to be on the receiving end of some whipped cream pies in the face.

As an incentive to meet a fundraising goal, Derricks agreed to do a funny stunt. The students had the opportunity to vote on which one they wanted most, with the top choice of Derricks getting duct-taped to the playground equipment.

The goal was to sell $8,000 of Fanny May candy and the 218 students rose to the challenge, surpassing the goal and then some; they sold $11,000 worth.

Derricks, with the entire student body and staff watching, had the two top earners in each grade take turns with the tape. She eventually was secured in place.

Then the surprise came, announcing she would be honoring the second best voted stunt — getting whipped cream pies in the face.

One by one, two students in each grade took turns with the pies. One student threw a pie and it narrowly missed Derricks, with whipped cream landing on a few bystanders.

The proceeds from the fundraiser will be used to replace playground equipment as well as purchase an additional swingset.

“The fundraiser has been incredible … to see everyone working together and knowing it’s going back to the students,” Derricks beamed.


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