Three RTHS student earn awards for outstanding work

ROCHELLE — Ilse Molina, daughter of Rene Molina and Maria Zavala Pineda of Rochelle, was awarded this year’s  Premio Quetzalcoatl, by Mrs. Lenkaitis at Rochelle Township High School. This is RTHS’s award for outstanding work in the RTHS Spanish AP course. Molina is a junior at RTHS.

Abigail Tilton, daughter of Jeff Tilton and Lynn Tilton of Rochelle, earned this year’s Premio Cervantes award for her outstanding work as an RTHS Spanish Student. Lenkaitis explained the Cervantes Award as the RTHS Spanish award in the Senior Dual Credit Spanish course, awarded to a student that has superb skills, and enthusiasm.
Mallory Leininger, daughter of Jeff and Tracey Leininger of Rochelle, is the winner of this year’s RTHS French Award, the Prix de Mérite, for her efforts as an outstanding senior French student.

The senior awards were presented by Spanish teacher Eva Lenkaitis, and French teacher Elizabeth Cartwright at a small recognition banquet May 6 to honor French and Spanish language award winners. Annually, the Foreign Language teachers honor their students, chosen for their skills and enthusiasm in their second language studies.
Merit Awards
The following students earned the RTHS Foreign Language Quarterly Merit Award. Each was chosen by their teachers for their abilities and enthusiasm for their language study. Spanish students honored were Riley Flanagan, level 1; Sterling  Devers, level 2; Charlie Jandak, level 3; and Bryant Hernandez, level 4.  French students honored included: Allie Tyrrell-Martin, level 1; Melanie Gonzalez, level 2; Kylee Brown, level 3; and Alyssa Summers, level 4.


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