Water damages empty store

ROCHELLE — A busted sprinkler line inside the former Sullivan’s store on Caron Road in Rochelle caused a significant amount of flooding early Saturday evening.

Rochelle fire crews responding to a fire alarm arrived to discover water flowing out the front doors of the store. Fire chief Dave Sawlsville said the firefighters shut off the valve and notified the owner.

He explained even though there was not a fire, any time water flows through a sprinkler system the fire alarm is activated.

“It was just cold enough and even though the temperatures were on the upswing after that freeze, sometimes it doesn’t bust until it starts to warm,” Sawlsville said. “There was significant water damage … there is no inventory, so not much damage there and it sits on a cement slab, but there was a significant amount of water. Throughout that whole week we probably had four or five busted sprinkler lines.”

He added a contractor had been notified to repair the broken line.


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