Let’s make sure local businesses survive after COVID


Talk about being stir crazy…I am almost batty.

I did go to Headon’s for meat this week.  I am not hoarding, just getting enough for wifey and I for a couple of weeks.

Now is a good time to support local businesses.  We try to pick up curbside takeout at least once a week from a local restaurant.   

I have two hopes: First, small businesses survive.  Second, that we all support local businesses once things go back to “normal,”whatever that is.

I truly am conflicted. I want to see shops reopened and I want to be able to just go where I like. I also realize that staying home is a way to control the spread of this virus.

I don’t want retail workers, merchants, hair stylists and barbers to be exposed to what could be a life threatening illness. It’s important for people who don’t feel well to stay home. It might just be a cold, but maybe it isn’t. Stay home, seek medical advice if you need to, but don’t go out and spread your germs.


The new lane configuration on Illinois Route 38 east of 39 confused me for a second. Recently, I was in the right lane, which abrubtly ended. I wonder if I missed a warning sign.


The Rochelle Christian Food Pantry is open. Our community has a lot of people in need, and the pantry is one source for food.

The Kitchen Table, on Illinois Route 38 west of town is offering a Friday night “take and bake” dinner. I believe it feeds four people.  The Kitchen Table is open Tuesdays and Thursdays for take out and operates under the pay-what-you-can philosophy.

A mobile food pantry from the Northern Illinois Food Bank was in town last week and provided food for 139 households, representing about 530 people.  Another mobile pantry will be in town May 13.  The mobile pantries are sponsored by the Rochelle Area Community Foundation.

The food pantry and kitchen table also receive RACF funds. And yes, I am involved with the foundation. I choose to get involved because RACF helps local people.


Despite the cancellation the Lincoln Highway Heritage Festival, a big thank you to all the volunteers who worked hard for a year to put it together.  As difficult as the decision was, I think it was the right one.

Terry Dickow can be contacted at terrydickow@gmail.com.