Ogle County court announces two-week pause in service


OREGON — Ogle County Circuit Clerk Kim Stahl announced Saturday a pause in operation of the Ogle County Judicial Center due to a COVID-19 outbreak within two Ogle County offices.

On Saturday, Stahl posted a message from the Office of president Judge Robert T. Hanson:

Upon a COVID-19 breakout within the Ogle County State’s Attorney’s Office and the Ogle County Probation Office, Ogle County Health Director Kyle Auman is recommending a two (2) week pause of operation of the Ogle County Judicial Center to ensure we control the spread and that the public is not exposed to the virus by Ogle County/Court employees.

All cases falling within that time frame will be notified of a future court date. The Ogle County Judicial Center will reopen on Monday, Dec. 7 at 8:30 a.m.

Limited staff will be available for criminal bond hearings, emergency matters regarding emergency petitions for order of protection, emergency orders for stalking/no contact, emergency juvenile matters and bonafide emergency child support and parenting time/decision making disputes.  Determination of a bonafide emergency child support or parenting time/decision making dispute issue shall be determined by the Judge before whom the case is pending.