Ogle County recycling event is Aug. 14


OREGON — The Ogle County Solid Waste Management Department (OCSWMD) will be hosting a recycling event for used motor oil, anti-freeze, latex paint and aerosol spray cans on Saturday Aug. 14 from 8 a.m. to noon at the County Annex Building located at 909 Pines Road in Oregon.

Liquid latex paint will be accepted for recycling and there is a fee per container of $1/quart, $2/gallon, and $8/pail up to 10 containers. 

Paint should be brought to the event in its original container and not be bulked together so it can be properly recycled. The OCSWMD will subsidize a portion of the cost to recycle your paint up to 10 containers. The full cost of $2.50/quart, $5/gallon and $18/pail will be charged for additional containers over the first 10.

Aerosol spray cans and single-use propane tanks will also be accepted at this event. Aerosol products such as paints, lubricants, cleaners, insecticides, personal care products and food products will be accepted for recycling, along with the single-use (14-16 once) propane cylinders. 

The first 10 items are fully subsidized by the OCSWMD and any additional aerosol cans will be charged at $1/can and $2/propane cylinder.  Not all aerosol products will be able to be accepted, please call the OCSWMD at 815-732-4020 for specific questions or see the county website.

Used oil, anti-freeze and used oil filters will also be accepted for recycling. There is no fee for this service. Small containers of used oil and/or anti-freeze will be bulked together and your containers returned to you for future use. 

Large drums are also accepted and will be vacuum-pumped out.  Limit 200 gallons, if you have more than 200 gallons please call the number above for recycling options.

This event is for Ogle County residents only and there are no permits required. Please call the number above, visit www.oglecounty.org, or see the OCSWMD on Facebook at ogle County Solid Waste Management Dept. for more information about this recycling event.