Park board: REC security improvements approved


ROCHELLE — The Flagg-Rochelle Community Park District Board of Commissioners approved additions to the REC Center security system during their monthly meeting Monday evening. Commissioners also approved a final payment to Sjostrom & Sons for the Spring Lake Improvement Project as well as the 2021-22 Fiscal Year Budget in Tentative Form.

Executive Director Jackee Ohlinger said that vinyl will need to be added to curtains around the fieldhouse in order to prevent further damage including tears. Because the vinyl will reduce transparency of the curtains, Ohlinger said the park district plans to move five cameras located around the perimeter of the fieldhouse to other areas of the recreation center. Ohlinger said the park district will then purchase fish-eye cameras to be installed at the top of the ceiling.

Ohlinger said the cost to purchase the fish-eye cameras from Seico and install them in the fieldhouse will be about $15,000. Ohlinger also said the cost to move the five cameras from the fieldhouse and install two new receivers in the recreation center will be about $5,600.

Commissioners approved an amount not to exceed $62,401.39 for a final payment to Sjostrom & Sons. Ohlinger said the park district will consider withholding $5,000 from the payment until minor repair work, including small cracks and bubbling paint, on the pool is completed. Ohlinger said the minor repairs are expected to be completed during the fall of this year.