Rochelle Garden club makes donations to park district


ROCHELLE — The Rochelle Garden Club recently presented a donation to the Flagg-Rochelle Community Park District.

The club chose to have a bench installed at The REC Center to provide a place for kids and adults to sit while waiting for a ride under the front car canopy. The club also donated a tree that was planted near the playground, located near the front entrance of The REC Center. 

The tree will provide shade as well help beautify the area, while also providing a healthier environment and a habitat for birds and other animals.

The Rochelle Garden Club has been a staple organization in Rochelle for many years. The club’s goal has always been to provide gardening opportunities for the community through garden plot rentals. 

They felt it necessary to recognize the hard work of their members by donating the bench and tree in the name of the Rochelle Garden Club.

Bench Pictured: Neil Anderson, Arlyn VanDyke, Merrill and Cheryl Mosbarger, Ann Anderson, R. Archie Millotte, Delores and Mel Mear and Bobbie Colbert

Tree Pictured: Merrill and Cheryl Mosbarger, Mel and Delores Mear, Bobbie Colbert, Ann and Neil Anderson and R. Archie Millotte.