RTHS Speech team places 2nd in conference meet


ROCHELLE — The Rochelle Township High School speech team placed second at the Interstate 8 Conference Meet Jan. 15. Morris finished in first place. The Hubs boast three conference champions including Mikayla Preston in dramatic interpretation, Karma Lidren for her original comedy and Aiden Ramsey for radio speaking.

Second place finishers at the meet included Preston and Paul Swartz in dramatic duet acting and Lidren in humorous interpretation.

Third place finishers were Layla Pelan in original oratory, Ranboo Hull for poetry reading, Jaela Ludwick in oratorical declamation and Ramsey in extemporaneous speaking.

Fourth place finishers were Swartz and Bella Nauman in humorous duet acting, Ramsey in impromptu speaking, Nauman in oratorical declamation, Jenn Heinrich in special occasion speaking, Jessica Nguyen in informative speaking and Pelan in prose reading.

Fifth places were awarded to Ludwick for poetry reading, Julia Livingston in extemporaneous speaking, Ludwick in informative speaking, Nguyen in original oratory and Anna Harvey in special occasion speaking.

Sixth place finishers were Khalil Winston in impromptu speaking, Sierra Ramos in informative speaking and Sienna Seebach in original comedy.

Ashes Glover and Hull were seventh place in humorous duet acting and Dani Ward was seventh place in informative speaking.

The coaches declared the Speaker of the Week award went to the whole team.