Schedule change coming for District 212 students

In-person learners to have five classes at RTHS during second semester


ROCHELLE — Rochelle Township High School students conducting in-person learning will see a slight change to their class schedules when the first semester concludes this winter.

Superintendent Jason Harper said students attending school will have five in-person classes and one online class during the second semester. Students currently attending school are taking four in-person classes and two online classes. Harper revealed the decision during the monthly Rochelle School District 212 Board of Education meeting Monday evening.

“After taking some time to see what has worked and what could be improved upon from the first quarter, we think that offering a fifth in-person class will help alleviate some of the stress and challenges we are seeing from both teachers and students,” Harper said. “In most cases, we continue to see better outcomes for our in-person learners due to regular access to teachers.”

RTHS currently has 67 percent of its students taking four in-person classes and two online classes. Harper said students attending school are performing better than those who are sticking to remote learning, and the superintendent said he hopes a greater percentage of students opt for in-person learning for the second semester.

Harper said the deadline for parents and guardians to decide whether their students will opt in or out of in-person learning is Oct. 23. Harper also said enrollment at RTHS is currently 903 students, 17 fewer than last year.

“Since we have a larger building that can accommodate social distancing of more students each day, we highly encourage all students to return to in-person learning if medically and otherwise appropriate,” Harper said. “It’s important that we hear from all parents regarding their choice to be an in-person or remote learner before Friday so we know each student’s plan for the second semester.”