Searching for service dog


STILLMAN VALLEY – A Stillman Valley woman is continuing to search for her service dog, nearly a year after it escaped during a crash.

On May 5, 2020, Marcia Kelly was in a car on Flagg and Skare roads in Rochelle when the vehicle was struck by another vehicle. She was injured in the crash, and her dog, Max, escaped from the vehicle.

Max is an American Bulldog, German Shepherd and Malamute mix. He was set to be trained as a service dog for Kelly, who is disabled.

“He is very well trained and he's very smart I use him as my companion dog,” Kelly said via email.

She said someone at the scene of the crash said a woman had Max by his leash, but the search for him has proven unsuccessful. Max had a red leash with a green camouflage harness with Ogle County tags.

Kelly was in the ICU after the accident for injuries she sustained, but friends and family looked for the dog during that time. They have put up flyers about the missing dog in the area but have heard nothing.

“This dog did not disappear off the face of the Earth,” Kelly said. “Somebody out there has him and knows where he's at all I want to do is bring him home.”

Anyone who has information about Max can contact Kelly at 773-540-7987.

“I need everybody's help and I'm pleading with the public if you know something, come forward let me have my dog back,” she said.