Sharing some items from my lockdown diary

Brad Jennings
Posted 5/23/20

I have been keeping a “lockdown diary” of sorts just as a reminder of this time and thought I would share some of it with you.

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Sharing some items from my lockdown diary


I have been keeping a “lockdown diary” of sorts just as a reminder of this time and thought I would share some of it with you.

I’ll skip around a bit so it doesn’t get too boring, although I will warn you – it might get boring anyway.

Day 14: I had a Hostess Ding Dong for dinner. OK, I had a Ding Dong for dessert after I ate a pizza. But I did have a Diet Mountain Dew.

Day 15: After last night’s Ding Dong disaster, I am really getting serious today. I am taking charge of my health! I am not going to sit here and do nothing! I am grabbing my nice running shoes and at least taking a long walk. Wish me luck!

Day 17: The last two days have been absolute torture. My legs hurt, my back is aching and I have a blister on my right pinky toe the size of Rhode Island. My running shoes are in the trash can. Where are the Ding Dongs?

Day 24: I forgot how much I enjoy watching old sitcoms. Man, those were the days when TV shows were actually funny. I might stay up all night watching “Head of the Class.”

Day 25: I can’t believe how many Ding Dongs I ate staying up watching that dumb show “Head of the Class.” Reminder: Go to the store for more Ding Dongs.

Day 28: Started working with our dog Dyna today on some training basics. I am hoping to just get her to sit and stay better than she does now. She is pretty smart, so this should go well.

Day 30: Started finally going through boxes stored in the basement. I am going to throw out anything that has been just sitting in a box for years that we don’t use anymore. I am serious this time!

Day 31: I have been playing non-stop with the cool Matchbox cars and track I found in a box in the basement! It is great to play with them while listening to the Doobie Brothers 8 track I found. This is the best day of lockdown yet!

Day 35: I have written 46 new songs during quarantine. Listening back to them, I realize that they are all horrible. Also, half of them are about toilet paper.

Day 37: Dyna is doing great with her training. She can sit and stay and even shake hands now! Not bad for a dog who was 3 when we got her and had never even been potty trained. She is such a good girl.

Day 40: Things I need from the grocery store: Salad fixings, ground turkey, yogurt, fat free ice cream, a case of water, more Ding Dongs.

Day 42: I have decided to learn how to speak Spanish during the lockdown. It will be great exercise for my brain to learn a new language, and I can actually use it when I go home to Arizona to visit family.

Day 43: ¡Dominé el español en sólo un día!

Day 45: I took the dogs for a walk and saw that our neighbor was weeding his garden. I stood about 30 feet away and watched for four hours. This was a good day.

Day 50: Dyna can now walk on a tightrope while texting on my phone and barking in French.

Day 52: I need more Ding Dongs. 

Brad Jennings is Editor of The Ogle County Life.