Stay cool in the heat

Terry Dickow
Posted 7/11/20

It is hot.

It is so hot, I saw a goose lay a hard boiled egg on the bike path.

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Stay cool in the heat


It is hot.

It is so hot, I saw a goose lay a hard boiled egg on the bike path.

I have not been on my bike for a week, yet I see people out all the time and I wonder what is wrong with me that I won’t ride when it’s hot?

I am old enough to remember the day when air conditioning in houses was not common. At some point in high school, my parents broke down and bought a window unit. It did not do much.

Our cars had 4:40 cooling…four windows down and 40 miles an hour. I would not like to experience that time again.

I salute all the men and women who are out there in the heat doing their jobs…from road construction, to roofing houses, street department workers, linemen, yard maintenance and landscaping folks. Thank you for what you do. It is not easy in this heat.

I hope folks who don’t have air conditioning in their homes can find a way to keep cool. This type of weather can be very dangerous.

I read a prediction that the heat will last through July and into August. 

I am not a scientist, but I listen to what they say about climate and how it is changing. We have an opportunity to slow down that change, if only we would take it.

The new Facebook facility in DeKalb is going to run on renewable energy — wind and solar power. If more businesses and homes would do the same, maybe it will make a difference.

Or, maybe it is too late and hot summers with occasional droughts are our new life. If so, we can thank all those people who downplayed the possibility of climate change and a warming planet. Our leaders have a chance to make change, if they are willing to do it. And if we demand it.


Had a nice conversation with Naomi Baldwin at Colonial Flowers this week. She told me Page Park, that space next to The Artist’s Garden downtown, was named after Anna Page, who gave the lot to the city.

Colonial has been in business under different owners for over 50 years, if my memory is correct. That is quite an accomplishment. Naomi has a wealth of information on the downtown. She also has pictures of the Black Cat Cafe mural for anyone who wants to restore that part of Rochelle history.

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