Chlorine leak at treatment plant

No injuries reported


ROCHELLE — The Rochelle Fire Department was called to the Rochelle Water Treatment Plant Monday morning at 10:54 a.m. by RMU at 1054 for a small chlorine leak.

“We had a very small chlorine gas leak that set off a building alarm so it is our protocol to call the fire department,” utilities superintendent Adam Lanning said. “They take precautions in case something further happens.”

According to Rochelle Fire Chief Dave Sawlsville, the leak was coming from a 150 pound chlorine cylinder with a valve that had failed. Firefighters suited up in level A hazmat suits.

“It took firefighters 15 minutes to cap the cylinder and confirm the leak was secured,” Sawlsville said.

The fire department was on scene for an hour and 15 minutes. There were no injuries and no interruptions in water department operations during the incident.