Curb and gutter work to begin in 1200 block of Westview Drive


ROCHELLE — The City of Rochelle has identified approximately 650 feet of deficient concrete gutter on the west side of the 1200 block of Westview Drive. 

Concrete gutter will be removed and replaced on the west side of the street starting at 1261 Westview Drive continuing north for approximately 650 feet to 1207 Westview Drive.

Construction is anticipated to begin Monday, Aug. 10 extending through the week of Aug. 17. Work will begin at 7 a.m. and will finish around 3 p.m. weekdays. If you are within the active work zone limits and park your car in the driveway at night, please be sure to move it prior to the 7 a.m. start time. Parking will be only available on the east side of the street once construction has begun. 

Work will include the removal of concrete gutter and replacement of a concrete curb and gutter combination. Due to the installation of a larger curb and gutter combination and narrow parkways, driveway approaches within this area will be removed and replaced as well. 

At the conclusion of the curb and gutter work, the city will restore all adjacent pavement and lawns as needed. Disturbed lawns will be repaired with topsoil and seed.

Advance warning, detour and other temporary traffic control devices will be posted near the affected area. Please use caution while traveling in this area and pay special attention to the advanced warning signage, road closed signage and other temporary traffic control devices within or in advance of the work zone.